About Us

Who are we :
The marathon is organised by the couple – Lāsma and Zigmunds who met each other in tango. We run a regular “Moonlight Milonga” taking place each Sunday in downtown Riga. During dancing thousands of kilometers together we annually created special tango events like Vintage Grand Milonga and Moonlight Milonga XO Edition.
Our marathon.

We love to create our milongas like a celebration. We’ve learned to raise esthetic and musical pleasures, surprises, emotions, cozy atmosphere, and beautiful memories – with a touch of glamour for those participating.
We are pleased to invite you to the 2nd edition of an enchanting and glamorous tango weekend in the Latvian capital city Riga, when the Autumn scenery and vibrant light displays create magical atmosphere in our beautiful city! 
We will fill your souls with love, warm energy, and passion – with the touch of glamour!


Welcome to Riga Glamour Tango Marathon!